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Penis Enlargement – Of Course Penis Pumps Don’t Work

The following article is one of a series of articles which focus on penis health and Safe Penis Enlargement. It is based on research done over a number of years as well as reviewing countless sites and content. I know exactly how sensitive this subject is and as a personal coach I fully appreciate the value of improving your self confidence and self esteem. I sincerely hope you find the following information of value as well as address the challenges that people have with this subject.

Penis Enlargement – Of Course Penis Pumps Don’t Work

Making use of a penis pump is one of the most common ways men attempt to obtain a larger penis. A penis pump is a simple device with a hollow tube where you can put your penis. It has a handle which sucks blood into the penis by creating a vacuum. The blood then gets caught in the penis by means of a rubber ring placed around the base. This ring allows your penis to maintain its erection so you can make love without losing the erection.

By creating a vacuum-type seal around the penis by pulling blood to the surface, it engorges your member and makes it appear larger. The sensations can be pleasant at first, but your penis will eventually return to its former size. These pumps are generally used by men who suffer from chronic insulin dependent diabetes or circulatory disorders. Men afflicted with these conditions have such poor blood circulation due to their sugar metabolism that they can't get enough blood flowing into the area. With the suction created by the pump, the penis's skin and underlying tissues are being stretch. The ring clamps off the blood flow and consequently traps the blood in the penis, making it look thicker and capable of sustaining erection. With the clamp firmly in place, men then can have sex with their partners. However, once you take the clamp off, the erection goes away.

Penis pumps are of greatest benefit when the penis is already erect or when you still have not achieved a full erection. The enlargement effect however is not long lasting and will disappear quickly once pumping ceases or if you remove the ring that keeps the blood pumped into the penis. Having said all of this, penis pumps do not cause your penis to grow; they can only help you achieve fuller and harder erections temporarily.

Despite the obvious benefit one gains from using a penis pump, many men and their partners don't like the device because the erection it produces is not "normal." Some pump users complain that their penis feels numb or that it becomes discolored, misshapen, and cold to the touch. Other couples are uneasy about the interruption of intimacy it brings to lovemaking. Also, some men find that the constriction ring at the base of the penis causes mild discomfort upon ejaculation.

Penis pumps can be dangerous if used improperly. Take caution when using one and ensure that whatever pump you use has a reliable pressure gauge and that you follow the instructions closely. Furthermore, using the wrong kind of vacuum pump and using it too often can burst blood vessels in the penis, peel skin, cause general pain, and soreness. They also tend to thin out the penis, making it very weak and reducing the duration of erections. There are some cases of penis pumps even deforming the penis. Some men have found out that after using a penis pump for a period of time, the only way they would be able to obtain an erection is with the pump.

The major problems associated with pumps are:

1. The results are rarely permanent since you're simply sucking blood into your penis. The penis is not actually strengthened nor does it increase in length or girth.

2. You run the risk of getting lymph blisters on the glands of your penis from the device that you're putting over it.

3. You take the risk of bleeding from ruptured capillaries. Sucking a lot of blood abruptly into your penis can rupture some penile blood vessels.

4. You run the risk of temporary impotence as a consequence of forcing blood to your penis for a period of time.

Although pumps do work temporarily (usually for about half an hour) this is unsuitable for spontaneous occasions and these devices have been known to leave scars, bruises and in some cases gangrene, causing much pain to the penis. Pumps work by placing a tube over your penis and then pumping the air out of the tube. This temporarily swells the penis, but does not increase the blood capacity in the cells of the penis, which is crucial in achieving permanent penis enlargement gains.

After learning all of these disadvantages, you need to think twice before you consider using a penis pump to help you sustain an erection. Your best bet to a full-sized penis would be to follow an approved penis enlargement exercise program and keep your blood flowing healthily.

You and you alone can make the decision – continue as is or make the commitment today to start living the lifestyle of your dreams. Know that both your physical and mental well being will improve as well as your self esteem. Motivate yourself. Make the effort to achieve your goals. Look and feel the person you want to be – you deserve it.

We have years of experience dealing with this sensitive subject, we know which techniques are effective and which products can actually achieve the aims they promise. We have helped thousands of people like you to choose the right product and achieve the success they have longed for.

Take those first steps today to a happier, sexier and more confident you. Learn the facts and how following our strategy will work for you.

Would you like to have a longer thicker penis? Look better in the locker room, show a bigger bulge in your pants or shorts, or surprise and please your partner? Take just 5 minutes to read about what these simple Penis Exercises can do for you!

By: Andrew Gee

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Penis Enlargement Through Exercises

Penis enlargement is one of the most talked topics among men. There are a lot of methods used for penis enlargement. Penis enlargement has become very prominent as seen in a lot of products advertised in the market. Men who want their penises to be enlarged have increased in numbers.

The most common way to enlarge penis is by penis exercises. Penis exercises are considered as the easiest and the cheapest penis enlargement method. When exercised, the penis can grow in size significantly. Penis exercises can be done without hassles and disturbances. Penis exercises increase penis in size through a dedicated massage. Penis exercise also results to a good ejaculation, prolonged duration of erection, increase in fertility, and a sizable penis. This method of penis enlargement has is now widely practiced by a lot of men. This is very easy to do and it is not expensive unlike other penis enlargement methods. PLUS this method is guaranteed to be painless!

Penis-Health exercises program is one of the most known program for penis enlargement. It offers a comprehensive site full of information including video demonstration on how to correctly exercise penis. The techniques are developed out of the newest technology to make a sound exercise scheme. Aside from those, most of the information is researched based conducted by experts who earned their degrees in highly distinguished institutions.

By: Anjar Cobain

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The Penis And Your Future

References to penis size are everywhere, deeply ingrained in the language and attitudes that equate all sorts of undesirable characteristics with small penises. Having a “small dick” is said to be the same as being a coward, a spineless weasel, an arrogant and overcompensating asshole, a weakling, or a generally unpleasant and prickly person. The media, particularly of late, is rife with jokes and mean-spirited plotlines about penis size. Women talk more and compare more,in a culture where sex is considered just another part of dating – and one of the worst things they can say about someone they dislike is that he is inadequately hung.

Most men, meanwhile, don't have the opportunity for realistic comparison. As young men, their rates of development may vary wildly from those of their peers – so the cruel comparisons during that time are quite meaningless, even though they may lead to teasing and taunting. Later on in life, men's furtive locker-room glances aren't a great source of information either, since flaccid penises reveal little about their erectile potential, and since size in the flaccid state is so susceptible to temperature. Where that leaves most straight men to compare is to pornography, and face it, those guys in the flicks are not chosen for their acting ability – so you get a small section of the male population that happens to be unusually large.

Finally, the emphasis on the size of male genitalia is traditional throughout the world and in almost every culture. Simply stated, it is an almost universal precept that “the bigger the cock, the bigger, stronger, better, more virile and sexier the man”.

Now, as evolved and educated males of today, we know that all of this is hogwash – but of course, with such all-pervasive messages bombarding us from every side, the doubt remains. That may explain in part why “penis enlargement” continues to be one of the most popular searches on Google, and why most men, at one time or another, seek out the latest information available in the male enhancement field.

Indeed, the issue of penis size is such a common concern that it is now viewed by many men as simply an area of potential self-improvement, much like weight loss or bodybuilding.

The pharmaceutical and medical sciences and natural health sectors have responded to this legitimate concern by devoting more and more research to it.

To date, there are several herbal mixtures available to assist with erection size-and though the market has been plagued by a number of “copycat” formulas, a few of the originals remain successful and popular.

Because they employ a blend of herbs and nutrients that specifically target the male reproductive system, supplements like VigRX (and its formula improved VigRX Plus) do create a noticeable change in sexual performance and sensation.

The VigRX Plus team contains a commited group of experts focused entirely on the development and perfection of sexual function and enjoyment. Difficulties once deemed unsolvable, such as erection size or poor performance, can now be resolved.

The Leading Edge way is to focus on the greatest potential of the normal healthy body. Our devoted scientists unite traditional health practices with todays modern science to help men attain their goals- overcome sexual short commings through safe, natural means.

Their aim is to offer men best possible penile health. With this, they hope to increase their self-worth, confidence and quality of life. To do so, they researched, tested and at last developed one formula that covers all of these concerns. Most of all, it does so completely naturally and safe.

By: Steph MacPherson

Steph Macpherson brings you unbiased information about VigRX Plus, including benefits, testimonials and products. Steph is the webmaster of

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

How to overcome problems performing exercises

Penis enlargement exercises are among the best things that have come out of the large and not always reliable market of male enhancement techniques. As the slow movement toward mainstream recognition is sifting out dishonest vendors, useless products and harmful ideas, the true winners of the competition are getting stronger every day. Men who have been dealt a bad hand by nature can now use a variety of techniques and products to improve on their design.

Unfortunately, not every man out there is able to perform the exercises as they should be performed. Many individual cases are simply impossible to take into account when designing penis enlargement exercises and the popularity of these exercises has also triggered a wave of questions. Men wish to know how to overcome this or that problem they have been facing during exercises and they deserve clear answers. And while some questions are answered elsewhere, here is a list of hints and answers for three major problems that come up time and again.

Some men have really small penises. They are the people for whom even the average length penis would be an improvement. Unfortunately a very small penis makes some exercises very difficult (stretches come to mind here). These people have to soldier it through exercises and to put up with a lot of awkward moments until the growth factor kicks in and their penises gain in length. A good option for these men is the use of traction devices. Wearing such a device eight hours per day is sure to make those gains materialize faster than usual. Another option is to try and adapt the exercises’ requirements to their situation, such as using a metal pen for the V stretch instead of a metal bar that might prove unsuitable.

Uncircumcised men are another group facing constant problems when performing certain exercises. The foreskin gets in the way of both jelqing and stretching, which means that special attention must be paid to getting the exercises right. Still, jelqs can be performed by uncircumcised men if enough lubrication is applied. Also, one hand should be placed at the base of the penis to hold the skin back. Achieving the grip needed for stretches is easier when baby powder is used in sufficient quantity. If baby powder does not work, use a piece of tissue paper for extra grip.

The final category is the one made of men whose daily schedules are too busy to include penis enlargement exercises. This is a very common problem since the busy lifestyles of this age leave little room for anything beside work and relaxation. For this reason many men who start penis enlargement programs end up quitting. We all know that time is not always easy to find, but these exercises are meant for people who really need them, so it’s very important to find those 30 minutes of free time. For instance, waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual and starting the day with enlargement exercises is a good idea that worked fine for many men. Others are able to perform exercises in front of the TV, watching their favorite shows.

As you can see, anybody can run into problems while struggling to perform the enlargement routines correctly and to avoid missing a training session. Still, with a bit of patience and commitment, anybody can find a schedule that includes the 30 minutes needed for penis enlargement exercises. It’s all a matter of willpower because any task may seem impossible at first, but a lot easier when you’re in the thick of it.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

How To Get A Bigger Penis?

Lot of men who has very small penis often asks me, how to make a
bigger penis. So I have decided to help all men and tell everyone
about how to increase your dick size to make an impression on
girls with.

Does Size Really Matter?

Let’s see it in this way, the average deepness of vagina is about
4 inches. So in realistic way, whatever is larger than that will
be more than sufficient. But when you pay attention in to girl’s
discussion, certainly they are not discussing regarding the
bananas size in the trees.

So What Is The Average Size Of Penis? When penis is straight, the
average size of over 90% of men is about 5.7” to 6”. How to Get
a Bigger and Thicker Penis?

Don’t do any guesses; here are the methods of enlarging your

The Conventional Method

Long time ago this method is used by African and Amazon tribes to
enlarge their penis. What you have to do is hang a very heavy
stone with help of rope to your penis. Walking with lynching
stone to your penis may possibly harm you but it works very well
to make bigger your dick. That is the reason that the African
peoples utilize this technique for hundreds of years for

The Scientific Method

Everybody knows that human body is a bunch of chemicals.
Everything including penis size is decided by genes. So if your
father has a small cock, very strong chance is that you have also
small dick. But don’t worry, now with the help of science, it is
possible to increase the men size by changing his hormones. The
same way it is now possible to enlarge your penis size using
scientific approach.

The Penile Surgery

Penis surgery is another method to enlarge penis but this method
is very costly. In USA it cost you approximately 6000 to 7000
dollars. Using this method you can able increase your penis size
from half an inch to 2 inches. In penis surgery they cut the
suspensory ligaments which connect the penile to your body, which
let penis to hang freely and consequently increase in length. To
make your penis thicker they also give fat injection to your
dick. The doctor who did this operation says on “this morning” on
ITV that out of the thousands of operation he gets over 99%
positive result.

The Expansion Kit

The other method is to use of plastic extension kit. You can
attaché a plastic penis on to penis head. Usually it is about 2
inches long and you can find its adverts on every porn magazine.
But I don’t take any responsibility if it falls through halfway
doing it.

The Enlargement Pump

This one is bit deceitful. Like expansion kit, this one is also
found in most of the pornographic magazines.
It looks like a tube. In this tube you place your valuable organ,
than use the pump to make your penile thick and strong. It just
works like a blood pressure machine. Oh very scary things uh?

Enlargement Exercises

Last but not least penis enlargement exercises are very accepted
method by lot of men who have not sufficient time, money and
leaning to attempt other enlargement techniques. Every man has
his own vision on these methods. Some people don’t trust on
traction device and some others are doubtful to use penis pills.
It is up to the individual person to decide whether to try new
method or not, particularly when the efficiency of the product is

Even though, penile enlargement exercises are the finest
enlargement method for both careful customer and novice user.
You can’t say in advance that how pill can effect on your body,
however exercises are different than pills. It becomes easier to
make your penis bigger when someone gives you a detail
explanation of every enlargement exercises in advance. And you
are in full control of doing this exercises at anytime of the day
you like.

Compare to other method of enlargement, exercises are very cost
effective and without a doubt the most secure method of penis
enlargement. Enlargement exercises really help to increase blood
flow towards penis so the spongy tissues in penis chamber grow
and this helps to make a bigger penis.

Would you like to have a longer thicker penis? Look better in the locker room, show a bigger bulge in your pants or shorts, or surprise and please your partner? Take just 5 minutes to read about what these simple Penis Exercises can do for you!

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Natural penis enlargement exercises are the best way to make your
penis thicker and bigger. Because natural penis enlargement
exercises releases the blood flow towards penis and it helps a
lot to increase penis size. Jelqing exercise, warm up, and some
other exercises are part of the natural penis enlargement
exercises programs. If you want a long term and permanent growth
of your penis than natural penis enlargement exercises are very
effective way to achieve your goal in few months of regular

How penis enlargement exercise works?

The fundamental thinking behind penile exercise is that presently
your penis size is very limited. Because of this limited penis
size your erections can only able to achieve the so much length
that the capacity of your penis to fill up with blood.

Corpora cavernosa is the name of two big chamber of the penis,
and spongy tissue is the main content in that chamber. This
chamber is filling up with blood during an erection time. Spongy
tissues help to make the erection possible by soak up the blood
flow into the penis. Penis exercise make this tissues more
powerful so these tissues able to flow more blood towards penis
and the result of this you can get bigger erections.

Penis enlargement exercise techniques

Jelqing is a daily work out routine of basic penis exercise. Jelq
is a very deliberate, rhythmic and light external pull movement
on penis. Doing such jelqing exercises helps to open up more
spongy tissues area. Because of this exercises your penis is now
able to fill up with more blood.

There is a lot of jelq and other penis exercises in natural penis
enlargement exercise program. First start with short, 10 to 20
minute workout and when you feel comfortable with these exercises
than increase the time to 20-40 minutes per day.

The main reason of these exercises is to enlarge penis size; so
many penile exercise programs target the PC muscle. To improve
ejaculation and orgasms, PC muscle should be toned and in shape.

Penis enlargement exercises compared to other methods

Compared to other penis enlargement methods, penis enlargement
exercises found more effective. Weights only increase the length
of penis while exercises help to increase your penis thickness
and length.

Penis enlargement pumps can also produce some result but the
effect can not last for long term. Also penis enlargement pump
has some draw back such as scarring, swelling and it makes people
more dependable for every erection.

So the only method that can produce good and long term effect on
penis enlargement without any pain is natural penis enlargement

Want a bigger penis without surgery, pills or contraptions? Click here!

Monday, November 13, 2006

The top rated penis enlargement methods

The top rated penis enlargement methods

For penis enlargement, there are lot of different method is
available in the market. These all different method of
enlargement gives a different level of success.

Penis enlargement traction is one of these methods. To
enlarge penis, traction device works on basic principle of
tensile force and the ability of body to adapt under such
kind of pressure. The main function of traction device is to
reveal the cells in the penis chambers to a long-lasting and
stable traction so the cells in penis chamber will start on
to divide and multiply, thus tissue mass will enhance. As a
result of this penis chamber is now able to store more blood
than it could before and it helps to increase the length and
thickness of penis.

This theory of traction device has been used to enlarge
different parts of the human body for many years. Lot of
evidence are found in the history like the neck expansion
exploits of the well-known Paduang and giraffe (long necked)
women hill family found in the boundary of Northern Thailand
and Myanmar, in addition to that the lip and earlobe
stretching practices of some African tribes is a good
example of traction theory.

Nevertheless, natural exercises of penis enlargement are
without a doubt the most acknowledged and safest technique.
It works on basic theory to expose cells to constant
movement, they are liable to break up and reproduce cells.
Steady force produced by the natural penis exercises helps
to sustain a sky-scraping tempo of cell separation and
duplication that speeds up the penis enlargement

Independently, these penis enlargement techniques may
produce some good result. But when used the combination of
traction device and natural penis exercises at the same
time, it can truly turn out greater outcome.

The only all-in-one penis enlargement system, where you can
find the combination of these all method in place is Size
Genetics. Sizegenetics system is a complete enlargement
system in the market today because it provides the
combination of penis enlargement traction device and natural
penis enlargement exercise. This combination gives you a
guaranteed longer, thicker and ongoing erections and
mountain sexual performance always.

Sizegenetics provides an effortless, non-surgical and
advanced penis enlargement solution. And best of all its
price is extremely competitive too. Give it a try and see
the difference in your sex life.

Copyright © 2006 Penis enlargement

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bigger penis head Vs bigger penis base

Bigger penis head Vs bigger penis base

What is more important, A bigger base or a bigger head? If
you ask this question to women, most likely answer of this
question they give you is a bigger base.

A penis that has a bigger head, may look more attractive
than a bigger base penis but the penis with a bigger base
can able to give the feel that most women like. You probably
ask, why? Because a clitoris (women’s most sensitive sexual
organ) can not stimulate by the head of the penis once the
penis is inside. So the base of the penis takes care to give
an enjoyable moment to women during sex.

During sex with women, a bigger penis base brush the
clitoris organ in women that gives the most pleasing moment
to the women. The roughness between the base of the penis
and most sensitive sexual organs in women will give the most
wonderful sex experience to the women.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Penis enlargement tips

1. Penis enlargement is not an overnight process. It takes
some time so don’t give up. Result may be very for different
people, some people can get quick results compare to

2. Warm up is necessary before doing any exercise. So,
before starting penis enlargement exercise you must do some
warp up.

3. It is a good idea to do PC flexes exercise (kegels)
during all the day, whenever you have time. This simple
looking exercise produces some very good result to increase
your penis size.

4. Many people think that over is always better but it is
not true in terms of over doing a penis enlargement
exercises. Over workouts can not benefit you in any way, so
do not over do it. A 20 to 40 minute workout is a good idea
to get any positive result. During your schedule it is
advisable to take at least one day off in a week.

5. 10 reps of The Ferrari trio each, 12 minute stretching
and 200 to 300 reps of jelqing exercise is a good workout.
After few days when you get use to these exercises it
doesn’t take too much time and trust me that it will help
you to increase your penis size. I tell you that my workout
exercise is only takes 25 minute to complete. Though I still
try to increase length but in just a 15 days of workout I
manage to get ¼ of an inch thicker and ½ inch long penis.

6. Apple and pineapple is a very good fruit to eat. Anything
with oats like oatmeal is beneficial for penis enlargement.
Chicken is also helpful to increase your penis size because
it discharges testosterone into main blood stream. These all
little things help a lot to increase a penis size. Drinking
a full glass of water before going to bad is also beneficial
to increase sex power and erections. It really helps me a

7. Before doing penis exercise, keep your penis loose,
it’s very difficult but you have to. My personal
experience says that for better result do penis exercises
when your penis is in loose condition. I tried it myself and
I see the positive result in past couple of weeks. Now it
become my daily routine. I usually workout for 2 days and
take a rest of 1 day. Work out on the same part is very
good idea but does that with different kind of exercise. Just
similar to one day you use one kind of exercise when you
twist and another day use different type of penis exercise.
This all little but very powerful techniques help me to make
my penis much thicker and stronger.

8. Well my friends that’s it for this time, if any new
idea comes in my mind I will post it later. But remember
that penis enlargement pills really helps you to gain your
penis, if it combined with the right penis exercise program.
Best of luck to everyone and hey don’t overlook my penis
enlargement tips and advice. And don’t forget to share your
success to everyone in the world like myself. Best of luck
again to everyone and myself :)